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You dunno how I feel.

You scream at me. You dunno how much that hurts! I trash talk you cause you always make me sad Don't be like you love me You hate me. I love you. But why do you treat me like this! Prove me you love me. Do you know how it feels being heart broken? Do you know how it feels being depressed?! Fuck it. You make me cry!! I cant take the fucking pain! I love you you hate me! Fucking tears go out when you scream!! DO YOU FUCKING KNOW HOW IT FEELS BEING HEART BROKEN, CHEATED, AND LOSTED-LOVED?! I'm sorry... My depression kills me now! You always say I am hard on myself. I'M NOT, ITS YOU! !! -sigh- I am sorry, my rage goes up. you scream at me. I draw and make stuff for you. You hate what I like. I hate what you like. you said you were gonna be with me forever. . maybe your changing your mind.. Sorry.. love you. ..