Steerius, Steer's ancestor, was starving. Outside, soul-stashler, Soul's ancestor. Stashler was eating flowers out on the pasture. Then Steerius mistakes Stashler for food and chases her. Stashler finds a few cows dancing in button pants so she tuns into a cow and dances along. After Steerius is gone, she runs to the city. She meets a fat black blind flower seller, a rude guy, and Marcus, Mark;s ancestor. Marcus is eating, but Stashler steals his food. This enrages Marcus, so him and his troop chase Stashler. Meanwhile she hides in DreamClouds (Dreams ancestor)'s purse. This scares Clouds, so she calls Marcus. Clouds and Marcus realize that Stashler is missing, so they search for her at a fountain. Stashler pretends to be a fountain, and Marcus gets no water. This pisses off Marcus ultimately. Stashler spits water at Marcus. Marcus is now very angry, so he chases her. Clouds is upset when she sees Marcus running, so they all chase each other, at least when they lose Stashler. Suddenly a big storm comes, blowing everything away. Stashler, thinking she is safe, goes back into the city, now hungy. She peeks behind the wall and gets a suprise: Marcus and his troop. She tries epeatedly taking Marcus' hat off his bald head. This upsets Marcus, so he takes off Stashler's hat and stomps on it. Then Clouds distracts him, and an anvil falls over Stashler, Now all hope being lost, Stashler surrenders life, that is, until she is invited to Steerius' party full of his friends, food and good meals, withhope returned, and everything perfect. THE END.