Atorna is a world of Sorcerer’s and creative creatures that earth doesn’t evolve. If you were to visit this place, you’d find it joyous and joyful. Yet, before this it was in fear of a Dark Sorceress, her name was Ometera (which has been translated many times as “Dark Mistress”. Yet that was changed by a sorcerer named Russell Fleckman.

He first came into the King’s throne room sometime in the spring. And when he came to the king he first revealed that he had been trained in Defense against the dark arts by the finest trainer. Then, he asked permission to go into the Evil forest to destroy Ometera for good.

The king didn’t quite know how to feel about this because I didn’t want to endanger the life of a young man. Yet he seemed to have the training required to destroy such a savage. So in the king had accepted his offer and in return would be rewarded.

Later that night Russell had formed a strategy before he was to go in the Evil forest. Figuring that His skills would also need some strategic plan so he could slay Ometera without being harmed. So he went to the king’s potion master to make him and immunity potion.

The next morning he entered the forest and the instant he had entered Ometera was watching. So in order to stop him she unleashed her vampire Espafor Russell reacted by saying “Etre enjaulado” and had frapped the beast in a cage.

Ometera refused to give up just like that so she sent her phoenix to burn Russell. Yet Russell had a spell for that as well. With a wave of his wand he screamed “Haydrodyen oxgento”. And with that water destroyed the Phoenix.

Ometera was furious! So this time she waited for him to get closer to her castle where she waited for him. When Russell got to the castle, she appeared with a strike of lightning. And she had wave her wand and said “temps upang morir!”

This was a killing spell she had used on Russell. Yet it did not work. “Before I entered your forest I drank an immunity potion to insure my safety. So you can’t kill me but I can kill you!” Said Russell with pride.

With a wave of his wands Russell said “temps upang morir!”  And with killing spell Ometera was destroyed. He took her wand to the king to prove to him she was dead. And the king the next day announced the death of Ometera and Russell was awarded with a potion master of his own, money, and an honor to his family name.