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Sometimes, Im depressed for you.

I wish for nothing but no depression. My depression rage goes higher than it should. When you are gone something happens to me, I'm scared of it. My depression keeps us apart. You sceam at me when I am depressed; after that, tears come to me. Tears and nothing, depression is what I suffer. I don't like my depression aswell, I am sorry for my depression. My depression got you in trouble. What kind of person am I? My depression makes our love die. I am just nothing? I am sorry, I love you. When you say something, I keep it in mind and never forget it. Your my soul. but my depression kills me. My depression kills my Soul and Heart. My depression doesn't help me, it makes me down and nothing. Help, I say, nothing is nothing. My poems express my words.. My love express you... But one thing in the whole world I want is no depression. I try to be happy. I try to be what you want me to be. I fail everything you tell me. You leave me when my depression is here. Stil , I love you, even if my depression destroys us.