I think I'm insane. I fell in love with a killer! Her name is Soul. But, she has changed her name to Soul the Killer. I think I know who knows who had seen what've had happen to Soul. His name is Julian. One of Soul's friend, they went on a trip to California. When everyone had seen Soul, they were afraid of Soul. Soul had been hiding herself... So one day, I was inside the hotel room with Julian. I asked him, "Do you know what happened to Soul? I'm worried about her.." Julian said in a sorta serious way, "Well, she had wish to be like Jeff the Killer. So, she become Soul the Killer. Soul told me that don't worry, she wont kill ANYONE. But she will kill if you get her angry or annoyed, so be careful, Steer..Your girl is a murder now, if something bad happens to her, you may never see her again," I gulped, Julian continued.. "Also, Soul is in one of the rooms in here I think, or she went walking in the rain like she always does."

Heh, Soul... I just feel too worried, I went looking for Soul. Suddenly, I ended up in a dark forest. I walked deeper, deeper, and deeper. I saw a paper saying: "I can see you with No eyes ×_×" I just crumbled it. Kept on walking... The skies got darker. I saw a house, looked burned down a bit, I grabbed my flash light and walked it, when I opened the door, I heard a REALLY FAMILIAR VOICE. The voice said, "Get out, everyone hates me.Don't dare to look at me..." I heard the voice more clearer. I said, "Soul?! Is that you?!" Soul was in a dark corner, and the walls filled with blood saying "GO AWAY" ... I put my hand on Soul's shoulder. I said, "Whats wrong, buddy?" Soul looked at me, "Buddy??!! Steer... I'm not the Soul you think I am.. I became an idiotic killer... Go away or die.."

Tears filled my eyes. Soul looked at me.. And hugged me, she said, "hey, I'm sorry... I just don't feel myself.  Okay..?" I randomly kissed Soul... I couldn't believe she kissed me back. I blushed... I wouldn't let go of Soul. I whispered in Soul's ear, "I'll always be there for you when you feel down or sad." Soul nodded... I took down Soul's hoodie, I looked into her face. And said, "what have you done to yourself? You carved your mouth and cut off your eyelids..." Soul looked away. Hours later... Soul stayed awake. Soul carried me back to the hotel,  she lied me on her bed, as she sat on the  couch and look out the window.  So silent.. All you could hear is rain drops and people sleeping...

(End of chapter)