Anime girl really happy
Happiness is happy.

Love is love.

You make my heart beat like an 808 drum.

When you smile, you make me blush.

I feel speachless by you.

Your ths only person I care for.

When you make me laugh, I always blush.

We always fight, but we get over the fight like in a minute.

I love you so much, I feel like kissing you now!

You'll always be my Valentine's for Valentine's day ♥

I always have an excuse for being late or missing something; My excuse is love.

Your my hero.

You're my dream.

I always feel you by me in my sleep.

Your always my dream.

Whenever I need help to get cheered up, you help me.

The first time I met you, I felted love...

Love is all I ask for. I ask for you to be with me forever...

You protect me.

You love me.

Your heart is big, kind, tender, and loveable.

All I wanted to say; Thank you for every moment, and minute with you.

Thank you for you to exchange your feelings with me.

Remember; I'll Always love you. ♥