It was a very peaceful day. It was a very happy town. Steer was being kind to the others and relaxing. Just then, Mark Dletoro, captuared him, but Super Soul beat him up and rescued Steer. Mark wa humiliated. And it was his birthday! So, he got a super power kit and then, Steer was tired of Soul's rescuing, so he said that he needed some time alone. This startled Soul, very badly, so she left him. Steer ,now sad, doesn't realize Super Mark is right above him. Super Mark captures him, and takes him to his lair. Then Soul hears Steer's loud, low pitched cries for help, so she went to rescue him. She fights Mark, and launches him into space. Then Captain Grin arrives and says that Steer and Soul are needed in Toledo. So they fly a plane to Toledo in the sunset. TTHE END.