Plot Edit

James is kidnapped by a guy named Alex and is forced to act girly.

Transcript Edit

James: What a lovely day for being a survival guy living in the streets.

Random guy: How is that good at any time?!

James: In case I die or something. I can't be robbed if I have no possesions. Now get out of people's buisness, (in Ganon's voice) Or else you will die!!

Random guy: AHHH! (runs away)

James: (normal voice) I'm bored.

Alex: I'm Alex. Wanna bag?

James: No.

Alex: Why not.

James: Because it is pointless to me.

Alex: Have it your way then. (stuffs James into a bag)

An hour later, James wakes up in a crib with baby girl clothes on.

Alex: You are my new baby daughter.

James: What?

Alex: Because when I kidnap someone, I play roleplay then let them go.

James: You kidnapped me to pretend I'm a baby girl?

Alex: Yes! Every month is a year. Now act the age you are.

James: But, I'm a male adult, not a baby girl!

Alex: Act the age you are!

Montage of James "growing up". Montage stops when James wakes up in different clothes.

Alex: You are now a teenage girl. Now go and get a training bra on.

James: Oh no!

5 months later,

Alex: You are now a woman. Congrats!

James: Can you let me go and can I stop using this girl voice?

Alex: It is your new voice.

James: What?

Alex: In your sleep, I used my laser to change you into a girl, physiclly!

James: On no!

James wakes up to his room.

James: Oh thank God it was a dream!

Phillis (James's wife) I want to sign you up for a roleplay program and be a girl.

James: (runs off)

James wakes up.

Alex: You passed out on the floor.

James: Am I really a girl?

Alex: No! I was kidding!

James: Am I free to leave now?

Phillis: Yes.

Alex: It was a roleplay program.

James: Why did you do this Phillis?!

Phillis: You needed to feel what being a girl was like!

James: For 18 months?! (faints)

Phillis: I'll load him into the car.

The End